We want to see a continent where everyone has access to local, fresh, healthy, affordable food and where young people are active leaders in the area of sustainable farming and healthy food production.

By providing students with the space to experiment farming in their schools, Farm to School Africa aims to create in young Africans interest in sustainable farming & nutrition and keep that interest alive for many years to come. This will culminate into a food and nutrition movement that will rapidly grow on the continent.

Activities of Farm to School Africa help to develop in students Entrepreneurial and leadership capabilities and boost their achievement in other subjects. Research indicates that hands-on learning expe­riences help children to develop enduring bonds with nature that support an ethic of environmental stewardship and leadership later in life.


Farm to School Africa works with schools and educators to set up school farms where students learn how to grow and eat healthy food, nurture plants and contribute to healthy food production in their communities. Currently, we are working in 5 schools reaching over 2000 students and teachers. Our students are keeping chickens, growing beans, corn and vegetables and nursing fruit trees that will benefit people and the environment.

1. Train Teachers

Teachers of subjects focused on Agricultural Science and Home Economics are trained on Farm & garden techniques, nutrition, farm business management and basic farm technologies. Teachers serve as instructors on the program in partnership with Agric Extentioners.

2. Set up School Farms/Gardens

Schools provide space where we help set up the school farms where students experiment sustainable farming. The farm is equipped with low-cost farm technologies such as mini-tractor, irrigation tools, etc. Agric and Home Economics teachers become Instructors for students using the farm.

3. School Farm Market

The School Farm also becomes an organic farmers’ market where the community people buy fresh farm produce. Students organize themselves into weekly Farmers’ market where they have the opportunity to sell what they grow in the School Garden. This also gives students the opportunity to learn the value of money management, bookkeeping, communications, farm record keeping, etc.


Farm to School Africa is setting up one school farm at a time in every community in Africa thus cultivating an enduring connection between children & the food that sustains them and creating in them an interest in sustainable farming & nutrition. One school farm at a time, we will create a food and nutrition movement that will rapidly grow on the continent.